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Stone Furniture

Stone Table & Shelves suitable for everywhere.

It can be customized.

Durable & Natural.


Marble is an elegant natural stone rich with beauty. This stone was made to be admired. A one of kind beauty. This is a trend that more and more popular used in furniture, such as dining table, console table, night table, coffee table, night table, bar table, side table and so on, which will help blend in with any décor. Whether you prefer Asian or European décor, Hanssz table furniture will bring a sense of wonder to you into the everyday. You absolutely love the look of marble and are comfortable with the maintenance, choose marble. You’ll be glad you did.


Granite is a common type of felsic intrusive igneous rock that is granular and phaneritic in texture. Because of its durability and longevity, Granite remains our most popular surface choice. Granite is great for heavily used surfaces such as dining tabletops, coffee tabletops, console table tops, etc. Available in every color imaginable, it has become one of the most popular stones on the market.


Quartz composite is a durable, hard-wearing material that is naturally resistant to stains and bacteria. Blending modern sophistication with everyday functionality, our Hanssz quartz table is topped with a quartz composite surface, a material that's prized for its durability, color consistency and natural resistance to stains. So quartz table top are wide range used in furniture table. The design of a quartz tabletop not only brings character to your space but offers performance advantages that exceed other traditional materials.

Faux Marble

Faux marble is consistently less resistant to stress and heat than other engineered stone, it is a polymer made of resin and marble pieces. It resembles the natural stone but lacks its depth and shine. On the other hand, it doesn't scratch or etch so easily as the real natural stone and is therefore preferred for areas as table's tops, including dining tables, console tables, bar tables, side tables, coffee tables, night tables, etc. Faux marble table brings your room to life. Welcome to choose Hanssz, choose fashional furniture table.


Terrazzo table has charm colorful terrazzo table top with solid base. For the designer, terrazzo is an obvious choice to use as the base, partly due to its excellent durable properties. But more importantly, it has such a unique and distinctive finish that makes an effective contrast against the stark simplicity of the table top. Designed to withstand the outdoor environment, the Terrazzo table is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor use.


Sandstone table, the reason why people like it is because it is attractive, durable, comfortable and economic. Using sandstone top for table, it can offer years of low maintenance and furniture tables pleasing indoor and outdoor enjoyment. With its flawlessly natural look, the durable sandstone tables can provide the perfect finishing touch for any furniture set.

Gemstone & Onyx

Artificial onyx gemstone is one of the most recognizable natural stone. Hanssz custom most beautiful Gemstone Table Tops made from the finest gemstone. The gem stones we use exhibit great color with superior shine. According to customer design and requirement, any size, color, shape for the gemstone is available. These unique tables look fabulous in every interior, real eye catchers from exclusive natural materials!

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