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Mission & Vision

Great products are made with great team works. We are happy working as we have the mission, the version, by the passion and the skills to help your dreams become reality. Learn more about our mission and vision.


Hanssz’s mission is to provide designed, world-class furniture combined the elements of Stone, Metal and Wood for customer.

We will guide you and give you support from start to finish in the process of getting your tables, shelves and other furniture products.

We commit to serve and meet customer’s needs and expectations by supplying the highest quality of products and unsurpassed service.


With our diverse product ranges all manufactured according to the requirements of international quality standards, steer the path for our local furniture industries through constantly innovative and creative business practices and extend and expand, at length of arms, our presence and production to new realms and territories of the world.

Our goal is to be the recognized industry leader for premium quality, unique designs and to build Star Oltre into a respected and beloved Chinese famous creative Stone Furniture.


The integration of stone and iron, wood elements, combined with the forefront of the times fashion, to provide customers with soul furniture products.

  • Commitment to Customers
  • Quality materials at a fair price
  • Unparalleled selection
  • Innovation
  • work with respect
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Long-term company thinking
  • Be Passionate and Determined

What "H-A-N-S-S-Z" mean?


H - High Quality, Honesty and High Efficiency

A - Active Learning and Innovation

N - Natural Stone from Ground

S - Share Happiness and Responsibility

Z - keep Zeal

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