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Meet Our Leadership Team

We have a challenging management team. They are passionate about building our company, and guides our business to deliver results and innovate. This team can answer questions you may have, as well as provide personalized assistance with orders.


Kob Wang

Managing Director

Learn More About Kob
Kob Wang as Hanssz’s CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, his competitive spirit, passion for adventure, and care for people can be seen not only in his approach to leading Hanssz, but also in his extensive activities. Kob feels very fortunate to lead an organization that is dedicated to providing unparalleled partnership with suppliers, customers and employee owners in this dynamic industry. Encourage Hanssz team continually motivate one another to do better and to always move forward. Outside of work, Kob enjoys feeding his brain by reading, visiting museums and traveling with his family.

David Lian

Production Director

Learn More About David
David Lian joined the furniture industry back in 1991, starting out as a production assistant. After skilled the full production process, he became the leader responsible for production, life and everything else in the plant to best utilise and challenge his skill set. Hanssz provided that step. He has become an integral part of the team when it comes to material selection, organize production, equipment, safety, all the way through to delivery, install and project completion. His keen furniture production management knowledge and passion drives her skills in furniture production and consultancy and can provide valuable expertise on both the loose and systems side of any furniture package.

Lecter He

Senior Designer

Learn More About Lecter
In childhood, Lecter He had a keen appreciation of the nature that developed into a passion to understand them. As got older, he learned that the stone, he appreciates can also make beautiful works of art. There are a wide range of stone can design unique furniture. John chose to be a part of Hanssz Furniture because of this fascination; he can now take his passion and use it to make other furniture functional and beautiful. To him, Hanssz does some of the most amazing work; he has not only create extraordinary custom furniture pieces and bring more value for customer.

Erica Lee

Global Sales Director

Learn More About Erica
Erica Li brings 15 plus years of experience in the furniture industry. Erica managed sales departments in an open, positive and rewarding manner as a leader. Joining the Hanssz team in 2005, Erica offers vision, experience, energy, and professionalism to exceed the guests’ expectations for successful home decor. Lead the team to provide high quality stone furniture for customer.

Peter Chen

QA & QC Engineer

Learn More About Peter
Peter Chen, Hanssz's QA & QC Engineer, working experience with 12 years experience in Managerial. He has been passionate about quality assurance and have good interpersonal and leadership skills. He loves mentoring his team of quality professionals, showing them the power of data in clear graphical form. He believes his strength is effective communication on scientific and technical ideas and committed to the customer.

Jesem Chen

Customer Service & Support Director

Learn More Jesem
Jesem Chen , joined Hanssz team in 2016, he is passionate and energetic, also has a clear thinking logic. He often says that good and excellent services can only be provided by an organization to clients by interacting with them and conducting surveys to know what they think. Due to the Interesting and patient communication style, according to the situation to provide products information and solutions for customer, He often received lots of praise and love from them.


is Hanssz?

A. An employee of Star Oltre.

B. A person with great intellectual and problem-solving skills, a strong work ethic, and commitment to quality and excellence.

C. A friendly team-player who works hard but also knows how to have fun.

D. All of the above.


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