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Hanssz is a big manufacturer specializing in producing stone furniture, like tables, bookcases, wall shelves. We provide a wide range of stone surfaces, including marble, granite, quartz, terrazzo, sandstone, onyx, gemstone and other natural/artificial stone.

Different materials have different stone textures. Also different surface colors give people different vision. Such marble stone surface colors give us a sense of elegance. A one of a kind beauty. Granite stone surface color is never out of style, always classic and timeless. So each material has different characteristics.

Our Hanssz will offer the all of styles, shapes, sizes, we can solve your any stone furniture require, this ensures your satisfaction in every aspect of your surface color.

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Hanssz have different furniture frame for you to choose, like metal furniture frame, stainless steel furniture frame, iron furniture frame, aluminum furniture frame, wood furniture frame, cast iron table frame and stone table bases etc.

Especially the design of the table is no longer a simple four-legged, like the elves in the space, the lines dance. Some tables have fixed and retractable that give the space more possibilities. The table top is matched with the elegant lines of different bases and frames to suit a variety of decorative styles. Different frame colors and single and double base styles can adapt to different user needs.

Believe that Hanssz unique table which will be your favorite piece.

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