Focus Developing & Producing of Stone Furniture from China

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At Hanssz, we are a passionate group of diverse individuals, coming together to form an innovative and fun team. We care deeply about our co-workers and our customers. This journey is just beginning and we’re looking for you to join our growing family.please contact us with your cover letter and CV.


Sales Representative in Your Area

To improve the service and further development, We are building sales representatives in every city all the world. We need sales representatives who will find customers to find out what they want, create solutions and ensure a smooth sales process and will also work to find new sales leads through "cold calling", business directories, client referrals, or visiting new or existing clients.


Marketing Manager

As a part of our continued global expansion, we are looking for an International Marketing Manager who will help influence and execute on our international growth strategy, legal to develop marketing initiatives and tools to drive sales and strengthen the brand across each of our international markets. We are waiting for you.


Furniture Designer

The essence of design is to continually explored beyond and constantly refresh line forms. We aren't just building beautiful pieces, we’re making choices that reflect the world we want to live in. Hanssz always welcome furniture designers from all the world join us.


Meet the Team

To know us is to love us!

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